Terrific-Tubes Suspension Lamp 15/30 with motive of your choice

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Terrific-Tubes Suspension Lamp 15/30 with motive of your choice
Simply design your personal design pendant yourself. Choose one of our wallpaper stick motifs or send us your personal favorite motif as a graphic file via email (holiday pictures, Paxabay graphics, company logo, favorite animal ...). In a special process, we print your motif in high-resolution quality and cut the film strips (wallpapers) to equip your pendant light.

And this is how it works:

You would like to have your own graphic implemented:

Simply send a graphic (holiday pictures, Photoshop graphics, logo, etc.) of your choice by e-mail to windlichter [!at] ambientshop.com. We will then produce your personal lamp with photo quality printed lampshade foils and send them to you within a few days.

To ensure adequate print quality, your graphic should have the following properties:

-JPEG (.jpg), PNG (.png), GIF (.gif), or TIFF (.tif)

-297 mm wide & 300 mm high / 842 pixels x 850 pixels min 72 dpi

at least 72 dpi (the most graphics from the internet have a resolution of 72 dpi)
If your graphic is smaller or larger, we scale the creative to the required size.

You would like to have a graphic printed from our stock motifs:

Simply select a graphic from the overview and specify the title when ordering.

TERRIFIC TUBES is a clip system for the design of designer lamps. Within the lampshades, glass tubes (sample tubes made of extremely stable laboratory glassware) are modularly connected to each other by special clips. The glass tubes can be twisted against each other in the zusammengeclippten state and move and in this way to form imaginative designer lamps of different shapes and sizes. By inserting translucent color and motif foils (wallpapers), the light color and the overall appearance of the luminaires can be infinitely varied.

The suspended luminaire Ceiling 15/30 comes with the following components:
- 15 glass tubes (robust test tubes from the laboratory, length 30 cm)
- 36 clips (30 clips connect the 15 glass tubes of the lampshade, 6 clips take the 4 metal hooks to attach the lampshade).
- 1 cable set with transparent insulation
- 3 metal hooks (for fixing the lampshade to the socket)
- 1 coupling ring (connection between lampshade and socket)

The shape of the lampshade can be designed by simply twisting and moving the glass tubes free. With this TERRIFIC TUBES product you have the possibility to "model" different lampshade shapes. The illustrated variant is only an example.

The lamp is ready made (clips and glass tubes clipped together / wallpapers inserted into the tubes) delivered and only needs to be hung.

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